Project Description

Nobody is perfect but the imperfection and uniqueness are a value. This Tyvec lampshade (fitted to the frame by Velcro) keeps the imperfect traces of a person (a lover, a child, your family, all together or maybe just the selfish yourself) who was chosen to translate the “virgin” flat Tyvec lampshade into a new, wild, sculptural form of the final lampshade. It is an organic, living structure which keeps the memory of the past as well as the shape. White fixture to the ceiling. Visible transparent – plexiglass frame.

Design is a business like fashion business. Each year and for each fair designers have to design new collections which express new feelings and new trends. Our Light Couture collection plays with this theme. We have created a timeless   frame, which can easily dress itself with different fashion lampshades and still give  ( more than  many  paper “ambient”   lamps ) a lot of   light  . If you are a “lampshade victim” each year or every few years you can change the lampshade for a new “more trendy” one. Of course we don’t mind if you will stay faithful, however the show will go on…

This time we have a   techno – organic lamp series that combines   lighting with couture, materials with sculpture, light and shadow.  The soft Tyvek “paper” together with futuristic colourful PVC creates   different structures –  “fashion”  lampshades  which are fresh, optimistic, emotional and playful. They express the surprise, joy and lightness of the light itself.