Project Description


We designed the interiors and livery of the Gulfstream G280 jet for one of our customers, who was also our client with the interiors of the private residence house.
The design realized the client’s personal preferences and business – it is simple, harmonious and elegant. We had carefully chosen the livery design to obtain the desirable, discreet appearance of the aircraft. During the design process, it was obviously necessary to adhere to aerial engineering rules, to work extremely closely with aircraft manufacturer staff – Gulfstream Aerospace company.

Our role was to be in between the client and his needs and aerospace company and their possibilities. We were responsible for all aesthetic decisions and their consequences, and to manage all the process from the customer’s side – from aircraft construction’s start to the last – delivery on Polish airstrip.

  • Research and recognition of clients preferences in aesthetics, workflows and business needs.
  • Selection of the best cabin layout.
  • Selection of the finishing materials, colours and textures for furniture leathers, carpets, veneers and varnishes, tabletops, headlining etc.
  • Selection of glassware, tableware, cutlery and other furnishings.
  • Selection of livery shape, paint texture and colours.
  • Acceptances and quality control of the samples delivered by the factory.
  • General project management on behalf of the client.